Quality Management Assessment Summary

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Quality Management Assessment Summary
The health care quality management responsibilities are to evaluate care that is provided to patients and make sure that these patients receive quality health services. The quality management helps give understanding and awareness to the organization policies and goals. Having risk management in the organization helps reduce any potential of negative impacts that could be placed on any of the patients’, staff and also the organization itself. In hospitals this is a challenging and complex process which payers and participants require that health organization should engage in efforts to evaluate the validity ensure their relevance in quality.

One of the basic concepts of quality management is continuous quality improvement which is forever ongoing effort to enhance improvements or process of approach. Throughout time you will use a cycle step develop with a plan by identifying what needs to be changed and establishing a plan, then you have the action of do which is putting the plan to work by implementing the new changes, the other concept is check use data to analyze results and try to see if it made a difference, lastly is act upon plan. The term is interchangeable also called continual improvement and continuous improvement. Another concept of quality management is called total quality management takes a look at overall quality, the design and development which is what the continuous quality management does. Total quality management job is to make sure that they customer expectations of service are met with high quality. Total quality management are associated with the production requirements, creation of plans, prevention of cost and training preparation of the process put in place. All the names of how they address quality management just depends on the industry which makes the name vary from one organization to the next but all means the same thing. The performance management is different because this is a...
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