Quality Management and Supply Chain Management Case Study: Pars Food

Topics: Management, Total quality management, Quality assurance Pages: 7 (2293 words) Published: April 10, 2014
Task 1 (1067 words):

Describe how quality management and supply chain management can support and help Pars Food Ltd. to achieve their long term objectives as detailed in the case study.

Pars Food Ltd has a vision to grow. Built around the philosophy of “Pars Food, It’s all good”, they strive to stand out within the UK, as well as build a customer base throughout Europe. They provide frozen foods for restaurants involved in fine dining, catering companies and also supermarkets whom avail of their convenience foods such as pizza and ready meals. They are heavily involved in activities such as sourcing, manufacturing, transport and lots more. These processes have to be monitored though quality and supply chain management in order for Pars Food Ltd to achieve their long term objectives.

[Quality Management includes all the activities necessary for getting high-quality good and services into the marketplace. It must consider all aspects of the business including customers, employees and suppliers.] Total Quality Management is currently being implemented throughout the business, this will emphasise that not just managers, but, all employees of Pars Food participate in quality efforts to measure progress and identify areas of improvement.

[ISO 9001 is a certification program attesting Factories such as Pars Food Ltd has met the rigorous quality management requirements set by the International Organisation for Standardisation.] In order to become certified, Pars Food must [document the procedures followed by workers at every stage of production. This will serve the purpose of ensuring that they can create products which will be exactly the same today, as it did yesterday and how it will tomorrow.]

In terms of achieving Long Term Objectives, the implementation of TQM and IS0 9001 is hoped to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the staff within the company, not only on the production line, but also administration, sales and marketing teams will undergo customer service training therefore improving their skills on how they deal with consumers queries. This will play a part in achieving the long term objective of improving the quality of both products and services to achieve excellent customer satisfaction and zero customer complaint. Improving quality control means less defective products due to human error e.g. foreign objects in frozen chip bags. Ultimately this reduces the amount of waste material and cost of poor quality, which is an objective of Pars Food, therefore also improving the profitability of the company.

By being certified with an ISO 9001, this will give significant reputation for Pars Food in its conquest to expand into the European markets and increase market share. This program will help the company stand out from the rest and assure unfamiliar retailers interested in buying from Pars Food that it is in fact a consistent supplier of quality products, this can be backed up through the documented procedures followed by workers within the organisation which meets the requirements set by the International Organisation for Standardisation.

The Human resource department is also concerned about the well-being of its employees and wants to review its health and safety policy and generate new health and safety risk assessment criteria for all production staff to follow with a view to improving safety within the workplace. This means that the staff on the production line will now be working in safer conditions, therefore they will feel more physically secure that the risk of injury is less, as mentioned in previous lectures. This is psychologically beneficial as employees are not worrying and are focused on the task at hand. Ultimately this means they are more productive and efficient. By reviewing this policy and improving it, they have achieved part of their long term objective of investing further in staff.

[Supply chain management looks at the chain as a whole to improve the over-all...

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