Quality Management and Health Care Statistics

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Assignment 1
Quality Management and Health Care Statistics:
For checking the quality management and health care statistics I did an in depth comparison of two health care institutes. I have done the comparison of a hospital, River Hospital, INC and a Nursing home, Apex Rehabilitation and Care Center. By comparing the information available at the CMS site about these two we can easily assess the Quality Management and Health Care Statistics. River Hospital, INC is a Critical Access Hospital which provides its services to critical condition patients across the town. This hospital provides all the emergency services to the patients. The most striking service it provide is that it receives electronically all the lab reports and diagnostic reports. Whereas Apex Rehabilitation and Care Center is for profit organization which is not is a hospital here it participate in all the Medicare and Medicaid activities and is only the resident council. HCAHPS (Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems) this national survey is done in River Hospital, INC to ask the experience of patient during their hospital stay. This survey has helped to compare the quality of services it provided to its patients. This survey ask about 10 different questions to assess the quality management and health care of the hospital. This survey is done on the patients and the average result of this is 93.4% which is great as other hospital average percentage of these results in New York is below 70%. So this assessment a great way to judge and compare the health care services this hospital provides to the patients. Whereas no such assessment survey is done in the Apex Rehabilitation and Care Center. Instead a recertification survey is done in this nursing home which shows that health care deficiencies are there is the nursing home which needs to be addressed correctly, the quality care deficiency is also seen with minimal level of harm. One most important pharmacy deficiency...
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