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We all want to be successful; to deal effectively with demands placed on us; to gain satisfaction. We want to be better students, better professionals and mature individuals. In a nutshell we all need to understand Quality.

How to bring 'Quality' in Practice

'Quality' holds different meanings for different people. For a teacher, it means the ability to arouse students' interest in the subject. For a manager, it might mean the ability to get things done well. Dancer Leela Samson says, "Quality is being inspired. Throwing your heart and mind into a goal you may not achieve." However, as eminent cardiologist, Dr. Alok Chopra puts it, "There is only apparent disagreement on how Quality applies in different fields. If one can say that what I am doing, performing, singing, painting, curing is coming from the deepest wells of my personality - one can succeed."

In order to bring Quality in Practice, we must have an understanding of what it means. At its very core, Quality is simply about: Doing what you said you would do. And doing it better every time.

Philip Crosby on Quality

World renowned Quality Guru, Philip Crosby, gives a simple approach to Quality Management. We can view every interaction in our lives as having a supplier and a customer. This holds true even beyond the commercial setting. For example, if my mother asks me to clean my room, then she is the customer and I am the supplier.

With this approach comes the 4 absolutes of Quality:

1. Quality is conformance to requirements

Following the same example, suppose I clean my room with great care. Thinking I have done a great job. However, my mother's idea of a clean room might be different. Leaving her dissatisfied. Thus clarity and agreement about the requirements must be established between the supplier and the customer. I must know what my mother means when she says, "Clean the room." Whether: a. the room has to be swept b. the articles have to be dusted c. the bed cover has to be...
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