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Assignment Quality Management

The important of quality
For every organization, quality is the key of success factor because quality is one of the key competitive variables, without quality, a business may survive, but won't/can't reach its optimal earning potential. The quality of Companies products or services, the prices it charges and the supply it makes available are all factors the determine demand of customer. There are many ways to improve/achieve the quality such as, certification such as ISO 9000, quality award/ Malcom Award, excellence Award SQA or achieve the TQM. Purpose of this report

I, consultant of MPACE International Consultant has been appointed by BALACE fast food restaurant to write a report using the principles of TQM and the dimensions of quality in service to carry out the gap analysis for BALACE fast food restaurant, in other to recommend on how ABC fast food can achieve business excellence. Background of BALACE fast food restaurant

BALACE fast food restaurant is the restaurant established year 2003 at HoChiMinh City in south of Vietnam. There are three main outlets in HoChiMinh City at District 1, District 3, and District 10 with more than 200 employees. The main activities of restaurant are selling fast food and provide the service to customer. The goal of BALACE fast food restaurant is to provide the nice and fresh food with reasonable price and best service to customer.

The benefit of Total Quality Management in the service industry Nowsday, everybody know that Today’s customer has a wider choice of products and service than ever before. They are going to be demanding & keen on having the best services in the shortest possible time & at the minimum cost. They will look for solutions that are more specific to their needs thus creating opportunity of many niche market especially service industry. So, there are many opportunities for the service industry depend on how well they satisfy their customer include providing the best service & at the best reasonable price. To achieve this goal, many organization realize that TQM can help them improve the quality of service in other to help them overcome the problem and achieve the excellence business management. Explain about benefit of TQM ABC was defined that the TQM looks at the organization as a “system” and incorporates improvement efforts to enhance the organizational structure so customer (both internal and external) needs are met and streamlined for cost effective and service oriented approaches. In addition, Some specific TQM benefits are customer loyalty, cost savings, higher productivity, higher profitability, improved processes, improved employee morale and positive work environment. Method of analysis

In this report I will use the principles of TQM and dimensions of quality in service (Servqual model) to analyse the current situation at BALACE fast food restaurant, and carry out the gap of this restaurant and provide the recommendation on how they can overcome the current problem and improve the quality, in other to achieve the business excellence. The principles of TQM are as follows:

1. Quality can and must be managed.
2. Everyone has a customer and is a supplier.
3. Processes, not people are the problem.
4. Every employee is responsible for quality.
5. Problems must be prevented, not just fixed.
6. Quality must be measured.
7. Quality improvements must be continuous.
8. The quality standard is defect free.
9. Goals are based on requirements, not negotiated.
10. Life cycle costs, not front end costs.
11. Management must be involved and lead.
12. Plan and organize for the quality improvement.

The dimensions of quality in the service industry are as follows: 1. Tangibles.
2. Empathy
3. Assurance
4. Reliability
5. Responsiveness
Analyze the BALACE fast food restaurant
Analysis of PALACE fast food restaurant using principles of TQM: In the PALACE fast food...
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