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Topics: Management, Quality assurance, Mercedes-Benz Pages: 10 (2686 words) Published: May 27, 2013
Dai Wei
East Asia Institute of Management
9 Ah Hood Road
Singapore 329975

Dai Wei
East Asia Institute of Management
9 Ah Hood Road
Singapore 329975

Date : Jun 03, 2013

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Dear Ingrid Loebb:

I am submitting herewith my essay entitled the Mercedes-Benz quality system

The main purpose of this essay is to analyzed and discussed the Mercedes-Benz quality system.

We hope that this essay will merit your approval.

Yours sincerely

Dai Wei

Table of contents
1. Executive summary
2. Introduction
3. Literature review
4. Quality management system
5. Mercedes-Benz mission
6. Mercedes-Benz strategic objective
7. Human Resource Management in quality system
8. Cost in quality system
9. Customer need and organization
10. Quality improvement
11. Conclusion
12. Recommendation
13. Reference

1. Executive summary
Mercedes-Benz philosophy is clear: company give of best for customers who expect the best - and Mercedes-Benz live a culture of excellence that is based on shared values. corporate history is full of innovations and pioneering achievements Mercedes-Benz goal is to successfully meet the demands of future mobility. And in doing so, company intend to create lasting value - for shareholders, customers and workforce, and for society in general This assessment analyzed and discussed the quality system to improve and contributes Mercedes-Benz organization’s mission and strategic. Mercedes-Benz human resource system is an important role in the quality management. The cost of quality is an important concept to a business. Quality-related costs directly impact a firm's bottom line profit. Article also discussed customer requirement and company needs improve activities in its quality system. In the end assessment also give some suggestions to help Mercedes-Benz to improve quality management system.

2. Introduction
This assignment is to discuss Mercedes-Benz spare parts quality evaluation, Assignment will from the literature review, the quality system, and the strategic target, human resource, customers and organization needs to discussion. This assignment also provides an analysis and evaluation of Mercedes-Benz current and prospective profitability. In addition to Mercedes-Benz strategic target organization. Finally is the conclusion and suggestion. Mercedes-Benz is a multinational division of the German manufacturer Daimler AG, and the brand is used for automobiles, buses, coaches, and trucks. Mercedes-Benz has over 50 production and assembly plants and more than 6300 certified agents and maintenance centers in the world, marketing products in over 190 countries and regions. The manufacture of genuine Mercedes-Benz spare parts is subject to exacting quality management. The most advanced production methods and the strictest material and functional tests ensure compliance with all the relevant regulations and legal specifications. It goes without saying that this also applies to suppliers’ parts.

3. Literature review
TQM is a management approach in which quality is emphasized in every aspect of the business and organization. Its goals are aimed at long-term development of quality products and services. Total quality control defined as an effective system for intergrating the quality development, quality maintainance and quality improvement efforts of the various groups in an organisation so as to enable production and service at the most economical level which allow for full customer satisfaction.( Singh 2006) The precision workmanship and high level of dimensional accuracy of genuine spare parts ensure the longevity and reliability of every Mercedes-Benz classic. Every part is made to measure, each bore is in the right place, each thread engages, each connection fits – in assembly and in daily operation. Organization shall apply suitable methods for...
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