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Modell Charter School ERP Quality Management Plan
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The purpose of the Quality Management Plan (QMP) is to provide a broad framework for implementing quality assurance on the Modell Charter School ERP Implementation project to ensure the project is successful. The plan is meant for the project stakeholders and the project team members. This plan will cover the project for all stages of the project life cycle of the Modell Charter School ERP Implementation.

The QMP will outline the quality control (QC), assurance (QA) and continuous improvement process for the project to establish a foundation that the project deliverables will be built to meet the expectations and needs of the project. The QMP will outline the roles and responsibilities of the team managing the projects quality processes and to make sure that they are implemented and followed. Additionally the QMP will list quality tools and techniques that will be used on the project and making sure the project adheres to the project standards and controls, risk management, issue tracking, and change control procedures.

The project QMP will utilize the MAXIMUS Tool Kit (MTK), which is a collection of templates, documents, and other tools and deliverable that supports the MAXIMUS ERP implementation methods and processes. The MTK has been fine tuned and proven on many ERP projects that ensure that the ERP systems is of the highest quality. The approach for Quality Management includes Planning for Quality, Establishing the Quality Assurance Framework, Performing Quality Control Activities and implementing corrective actions and Process Improvement. Project/Task Description

Project Scope overview
The Chief Operating Officer at the Modell Charter School has decided to implement a high-level Enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution to streamline and improve the schools processes. The ERP will improve student achievement, internal information flow, foster a more trusting relationship with the community, and improve management accountability. The ERP will utilize the legacy systems and data basis already in place at the school. The original plan was to roll up the HR department and Payroll into the ERP system. Because of budgetary constraints the Modell Charter School has changed the type of ERP system to be implemented at the school to exclude the HR and Payroll departments. The budget for the project is set at 5.5 million dollars and backed by bonds the school will sell off to generate the funds. The project has a time constraint and must be completed by January 2013. Planning for Quality

The best approach to obtain quality is prevention, on the Modell Charter School project will be achieved through planning and performance using the proven tools of and methods that MAXIMUS brings to the project. Pre-project checklists for MAXIMUS, the Project Management Team and Modell Charter School will assure project completeness. There will be a project kickoff meeting to ensure that the MAXIMUS ERP Implementation team, Project Management Team, and the Steering Committee are aware of their roles and responsibilities and are focused on the project objectives. The kick off meeting will address the new ERP systems requirements and change management documentation.

The change in the ERP will not have an adverse impact on the timeline of the ERP implementation project plan. The ERP is modular and the removal of the HR module will only impact planning efforts on the time line however it will not impact any of the testing phases of the project. Establishing the Quality Assurance Framework

Implementing the appropriate methodologies, standards, procedures and guidelines, and with the full support of management and the project team trained and aware of the importance and trained in the use...

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