Quality Improvement Paper

Topics: Control chart, ISO 9000, Quality management Pages: 4 (1299 words) Published: May 24, 2008

Quality Improvement Paper
Shellee D. Blue
University of Phoenix
MGT 449
May 5, 2008

A Description of the Chosen Process
The process I chose that needs improvement in my organization is bookkeeping. We need to expand bookkeeping and create a department for it instead of just having one bookkeeper that is over loaded with all the work. An “As-Is” Flow Chart

The Relationship of the Process to the Organization’s Strategic Plan The organization’s strategic plan is for the company to grow. If we only employ one bookkeeper to do all the bookkeeping, we would never be able to take on new clients. If we create a department for bookkeeping and hire few more bookkeepers, we would be able to take on more clients instead of refusing them. Also, the bookkeeper would not be so over loaded with so much work and be able to stay better focused on her work.

The Internal & External Customers Currently Impacted That Would Benefit From the Improvement The Internal customers that are currently affected by this process are the employees in the office. Even though there are only six employees in the company we are all affected by only having one bookkeeper. The External customers affected by this process are the ones requesting our services. If the process was improved then the company could expand and the External customers requesting our services would get the services they desire. The Most Appropriate TQM Tool That Can Be Used To Collect and Present Data I think a Check Sheet would be an appropriate tool to use when presenting data on the process improvement change, because it is a simple data-collecting tool for recording and classifying observed data. Utilize your quality selected tool to analyze your process and identify process improvement opportunities This would be a rather simple and short check sheet. I would start by making a list of new clients. Then I would check what service they...
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