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Crosby-Corporate VP at ITT for 14 years, responsible for world wide quality operations.
Deming-Trained under Walter A Shewhart (father of SPC). Developed sampling techniques for the Bureau of Census. Became a key adviser to Japan in 1946.
Juran-Trained under Walter A Shewhart (father of SPC). Became a key adviser to Japan in 1954.
Joiner-Trained under W Edward Deming. Created consulting firm, Joiner Associates.
Conway-Elected CEO of Nashua Corp 1979. First US Executive to hire Dr. Deming as a consultant in 1979. Formed consulting firm, Conway Quality, Inc. DEFINITION OF QUALITY
Crosby-Conformance to requirements.
Deming-A predictable degree of uniformity and dependability at low cost and suited to the market.
Juran-Fitness for use, response to customer needs and freedom from deficiencies.
Joiner-Defined by the customer, scientific or data-based approach, all one team.
Conway-Development, administration and execution of consistent services that our customers want and need. DEGREE OF SENIOR MANAGEMENT QUALITY RESPONSIBILITY
Crosby-Responsible for quality
Deming-Responsible for 94% of quality problems
Juran-Less than 20% of quality problems are due to workers
Joiner-Requires active leadership of top management
Conway-Management must create will and belief in the continuous improvement process PERFORMANCE STANDARD/MOTIVATION Crosby-Zero defects
Deming-Quality has many 'scales', use statistics to measure performance in all areas, critical of zero defects
Juran-Avoid campaigns to "do perfect work"
Joiner-Decisions are based on data, not guesswork
Conway-Work toward no waste GENERAL APPROACH
Crosby-Prevention, not inspection
Deming-Reduce variability by continuous improvement, cease mass inspection
Juran-General management approach to quality, especially 'human' elements
Joiner-Focus on improving products and services by improving how work gets done
Conway-Focus on elimination of waste in the work process STRUCTURE

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