Quality Guru's Comparison

Topics: Quality control, Management, Quality Pages: 4 (1305 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Quality Guru’s Comparison

| Crosby| Deming| Juran| Feigenbaum| Shewhart| Ishikawa| Taguchi| Definition of Quality| -It is conformance to requirements , not as goodness-It is management's job to set the requirements and communicate to employees.| Meeting and exceeding the customer's need and expectations and then continuing to improve.| -Quality mission of the company is "fitness for use" as perceived by customers.-The mission of individual departments are to work accordingto specifications designed to achieve fitness for use.| An effective system for coordinating the quality maintenance and quality improvement efforts of the various groups in an organization so as to enable production at the most economical levels which allow for full customer satisfaction| Defined quality in terms of objective and subjective qualityi. Objective quality: quality of a thing independent of peopleii. Subjective quality: quality is relative to how people perceive it (value)| All division and all employees in the organization should be involved in studying and promoting quality control.| To improve quality, one must look up stream at the design stage because thatis where quality begins.| Degree of Senior management involvement| -Quality improvement starts from the top.-Senior management is 100 percent responsible for the problems with Quality and their continuance.| -Quality is made in the board room.| Majority of Quality problems arethe fault of poor management rather than poor workmanship.| Need for the complete support of the top management| | Promote greater involvement from senior management than from front-line staff| | Performance standard / Goal setting| -Performance standard must be zero defect, not that's close enough.-Encourage individuals to establish improvement goals for themselves and their groups.| Eliminate management by numbers , numerical goals. Substitute leadership.| | | | | To improve process and product design through the...
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