Quality Function Deployment - Article Summary

Topics: Measurement, Psychometrics, Test method Pages: 2 (377 words) Published: October 27, 2008
Quality Function Deployment

Smith, Rathel R., McCrary, Dr. Steven W., Callahan, Dr R. Neal, 2007, Gauge Repeatability and Reproducibility Studies and Measurement System Analysis: A Multimethod Exploration of the State of Practice. Journal of Industrial Technology. 23 (1), 2-12.

The article is about a survey of manufactures concerning the actual use of Gauge Repeatability and Reproducibility (GRRS) studies, and other recognized quality approaches. Specifically, the authors surveyed 30 participants of a total of 60 invited. The participants completed an online survey to determine the use and emphasis on GRRS. The survey was developed using a 5-point Likert-scale. They also used a second targeted quantitative questionnaire to determine what other techniques are used to monitor, control and improve measurement and visual inspection accuracy. A copy of the survey and questionnaire were both provided in the article’s appendix. The respondents of the survey were from companies with less than or equal to 49 employees to greater than 500 employees. 100% of all respondents reported that their company “occasionally” to “always” maintains a formalized quality system. As stated, “While this response would seem to indicate an understanding of a need for measurement improvement, the inferential statistics that the actual usage is significantly different for the perceived need”. The survey found that primary importance was placed on test equipment calibration, but a much lower importance on GRRS to validate accurate measurements and that GRRS is rarely used in visual inspection. The conclusion shows that GRRS is being used as an auditing tool and not part of a continuous quality improvement program.


This article shows that (presumably American) manufacturing companies have an in-depth awareness of quality and the need for quality. I think the companies recognize how important it is to have a reputation of quality. The article research reports that the...
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