Quality Control Within the Toyota Automotive Corporation

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Quality Control Within the Toyota Automotive Corporation

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In 1960, the Toyota Corporation established quality control guiding principles after creating the document "Request Regarding Inspection." This document built a process by "pointing out the idea behind inspections was to eliminate the need for inspections." Because the Toyota Corporation keep higher standards they felt in an ideal world inspection would be unnecessary. The high demand of automobiles in Japan quickly surged, which caused the company to hire a large influx of insufficiently, trained staff. This eventually caused serious repercussions on product quality. It was not until 1961; that Toyota adopted a system of Total Quality Control (TQC) that assisted in the modernization of management operations. To make TQC a realization, all employees were required to provide quality goods and services in a timely manner. At the same time there were additional studies conducted to determine ways to detects when they occur and devise countermeasures to prevent the possibilities of reoccurrence. The Toyota Corporation has always taken pride in the quality of its products, processes and the ability to solve problems effectively has always been necessary to ensure this quality. Toyota 3

Today the global auto market is in a continual state flux. As Toyota responds to market change, it is essential that each employee is aware of problems as they occur and work to improve operations at every opportunity. If there is ever a problem in the corporation whether in the factory or in sales it has always been Toyota's practice to go directly to the source and continue to ask the hard questions. By never being complacent and always seeking to innovate, Toyota has and will continue to overcome any challenge faced now or in the future. Over years, the Toyota has come across problems in all sorts of situations but its philosophy has always been "Having no problem in the...

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