Quality and Operation Management

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Quality and Operation Management Implementation
Food & Beverage Department
Everly Hotel Malacca

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Ahmad Izzaudin B. Mat Zaki| 1101109196| KM| BM203|
NurIzzatiBtBaharudin| 1091105542| KM| BM203|
Ahmad Nor Aizat B. Abdullah| 1101107571| KM| BM203|
Sheikh KharleezBamadhaj B. Jaffar| 1102702455| IB| BM203| Iqbal Abdul Qayyum B.Rozlan| 1092700352| HRM| BM203|
NurFatehahBtBasran| 1091101807| HRM| BM203|

TRIMESTER 2, 2012/2013

Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction2
1.1 Background of Company2
1.2 Scope of Study3
1.3 Introduction of Team Members Duties3
2.0 Literature Review4
2.1 Inventory4
2.2 Logistic5
2.3 Forecasting6
3.0 Operation Problems and Weaknesses8
3.1 Inventory8
3.2 Logistic9
3.3 Forecasting10
4.0 Recommendations11
4.1 Inventory11
4.2 Logistic12
4.3 Forecasting12
5.0 Summary14

1.0 Introduction

Quality and Operations Management, is a subject that deals with the quality of products and services in which it is sent on to end users. And in the meantime, Operations Management can be defined and can be concerns about the management system products, processes and services across the supply chain. To get a better understanding about Quality and Operations Management in more detail. There is a group of six students have been assigned by the lecturer, Ms Chow MeiMin to conduct a study on the actual case of the companies selected based on the hotel industry, which is where this company, adopt and implement quality and operations management as a key part of the their business process .

The purpose of this study is to reveal us how the hotel industry, especially in the Food & Beverage (F & B) Department ,Everly Hotel, manage and control the quality of hotel operations as well as the practice Chief Chef point of view. In order to obtain additional data and accurate information for this study, the face to face interview has conducted by the authors with the chiefChef from F & B department, Everly Resort Hotel Malacca. 1.1 Background of Company

Everly Resort Hotel Malacca, it is located in Tanjung Kling, located 10km from the centre of this historic city, Malacca. Everly Resort Hotel Malacca hotel also has nine branches in other states that throughout Peninsular Malaysia, including Sabah and Sarawak.Founded in 1990, the hotel is dedicated towards providing a comfortable, luxurious, improved design, construction, supervision and the adoption of cost-effective fee, based on the management and profitability of their hospitality business. The main approach they adopted in the management is to focus on four key strategies, especially in Marketing, Human Resources, Operations Management and Food and Beverage Department. Department of Food and Beverage (F & B) is the main part of the business process in the hotel industry, in which the function is to provide high quality food in a variety of foods and beverages as well as the strict quality standards that have been set for hotel guests, based on the hotelstandard. Besides F & B is also responsible for the operation and maintenance of the hotel dining room, kitchen, stock and planning inventory, logistics and quality of raw materials in the supply of qualified suppliers throughout the supply chain. 1.2Scope of Study

The study was conducted based on qualitative research methods that concern in how and why people behave as they do, the knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, fear etc. Moreover, qualitative research allows the subject specifically the respondent being studied to give much “richer” answer to question that put to them by the interviewer, where valuable insight may yield in which might have been missed by other method. As for respondents, the study was conducted through a process of face to face...

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