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Outline what you see as the continuing value of quality management programs. How are they relevant to businesses today? How might they assist firms to cope with the transition to a sustainable economy, for example, or deal with other challenges facing business today?

Quality is a very important factor in the current market. Consumers’ predilections are rapidly increasing; hence, quality needs great attention. In this day to day economy customers seek goods and services that have value for their money. Innovation in the form of technology has overlooked the geographical boundaries of making consumers more informed and market place advance from indigenous to international. There has been great competitiveness in the current markets which is now causing companies universally to find means of exceeding their business performance and to increase their credibility due to globalization. To help overcome, this affliction, management should adopt and implement quality management programs that improves efficiency and reduces competitive disadvantages. This essay will be focusing on the Kaizen approach and Total Quality Management (TQM) application within businesses. Either of these two approaches should help shape a business in a way they obtain information and have a thorough culture of quality within their scheme. It will also discuss the relevance of management programs to the day to day companies. These management performs must also assist in the maintenance of a workable environment were the organization forestalls any catastrophes, hence, inflation that occur which are beyond their control and have methods and procedures to moderate the problem. What is quality management?

It is every business’ goal to create quality products and services. That however, is judged by the customers basing with the needs and wants different individuals might have. Quality can be defined as value, conformance to requirements and specifications, also as the course of meeting or rather performing beyond the client’s expectations. Management should implement quality management programs so as to generate communication and the application of quality.

Kaizen approach
Kaizen approach is mainly defined as a system of continuous improvement in quality, technology, processes, company culture, productivity, and leadership. At the office, Kaizen means continuing improvement involving both the managers and the subordinates. This approach has been spontaneously used in connection with Japanese management practices. Initially, Toyota Motor Company was one of the first Japanese businesses to implement the Kaizen approach. From that time until now, kaizen has become so successful, that it has been used in different respectively businesses internationally. Kaizen is primarily focused on continuous alteration in processes, culture and the creation of quality teams to complete tasks.

Total Quality Management
Armand V. Fiegenbum observed that the necessity for quality was now accumulating so he introduced the Total Quality Control (TQC) Long back in the 1950’s were quality was not very important. Following the Total Quality Control there was the management program named Total Quality Management introduction by William Edward Deming. William Edward Deming emphasized the use of arithmetical methods for quality control, and projected his fourteen principles to advance quality in businesses, centered on management, training for supervisors and employees, suppression of quantitative goals, internal communication aimed at the exclusion of complications for collaboration and the correct production from the start. Total Quality Management comprises of managing for the future and putting forward focused efforts to incorporate individuals, organizational procedures and resources effectively. Total Quality Management is wider in submission than just producing the highest quality products or services to augment consumer consummation, but seeks...
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