Qualitive and Quantitive

Topics: Scientific method, Stanford prison experiment, Research Pages: 1 (369 words) Published: January 30, 2011
Psychologists distinguish between two types of research quantitive and qualitive research methods. Quantitive methods demonstrate a systematic approach to the investigation of behaviour. Some aspects of behaviour are not suitable investigation by quantitive methods therefore qualitive methods must be used. In some cases the distinction between qualtive and quantitive approaches is difficult to determine. Psychologists use quantitive methods to investigate areas of study where it’s possible to test hypotheses under rigorous conditions. Experiments can take place in the laboratory or in the field. The aim is to be able to establish a cause and effect relationship trough the use descriptive statistics, allowing the researcher to determine the significance of results. Qualitive research methods gather information about the qualities or characteristics of what’s being studied. Although qualtive research may involve the use of statistics but usually it doesn’t use numerical methods they may be words, pictures, texts, descriptions. Information can be gathered by interviews, observation, questionnaires, and case studies. Qualtive research method is particularly useful for investigating complex and sensitive issues. Such as illnesses, homelessness and human sexuality. It is also a very good method for evaluating and identifying factors that contribute to solving problems. Qualtive research methods are also very good to generate new ideas and theories to explain and overcome problems. However it has also got a few weaknesses e.g. it can be very time consuming and it can generate a huge amount data also it hasn’t got a strategy for analysis. The interpretation of data may be subjective too. Phil Zimbardo conducted an experiment in which volunteers were randomly selected to be either "guards" or "prisoners" in a makeshift prison in the basement of a Stanford University building. What was supposed to be a 2-week experiment on authority and obedience became so real that...
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