Qualities of a Hard Worker

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English 100

Hard Work

Confucius once said, “ Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” The best kinds of jobs are the ones that allow me to give back to my community. The Healthy Leeward Living organization is something that I would love to be a part of. I live in Pearl City and I would love to give more to my family, friends, and community. Community service or non- profit organizations are one of the best ways of doing so. I Hailey Tanaka feel that I am best suited for the job because I have countless experiences with different types of community service. All the best qualities a hard worker has are in me. I am a selfless, responsible, leader that can give the best results.

First reason that I should be apart of The Healthy Leeward Living organization is because I am selfless. For example once a year a group of people in my community gather with loads of necessities that homeless/ runaway teens would need, like shampoo, tooth paste, soap, socks, canned goods, tooth brushes, etc. Everyone would spend a week preparing each care package and once we’re done they get sent out to YO (Youth Outreach program). It’s a non- profit organization that helps shelter, console, and feed homeless or runaway youths. With the care packages we try to send books and other reading materials.

The second reason why I should be apart of your organization is because I am a very responsible person. I volunteered for four different types of summer fun group leading. Every Wednesday we would take everyone to the Kam swap meet so they can get some snacks or toys. My responsibility was to make sure they do not stray away from the group. I had this one mischievous little boy named Zach he had a ball in his hand that I knew he did not have before the little trip. I then asked him where he got it from and he pointed to one of the vendors. I quickly took him over there to explain to him not to steal and we both apologized for...
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