Qualities of a Good Parent

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Parenting is defined as one who begets, gives birth to, or nurtures and raises a child; a father or mother (The free dictionary, 2013). The definition does not mean that one will make a good parent. Becoming a parent can be one of the most exciting times in ones life, or it can be a horrific experience. For most, it is a good experience that brings them happiness, joy and excitement. Others fear the unknown, do not like kids, or have a negative impression of parenting. Truthfully, parenting is all in what you make of it.

Good parenting is categorized by many different factors. Some of these factors that categorize a good parent are self-sacrificing, teachable, curious, and diligence (Mallory, 2013). Self-sacrificing means that a parent will do anything they humanly can to protect and take care of their child. Teachable means that you are willing to learn various aspects of parenting. Curious means that you are intrigued at finding things out about how to be or become a better parent. Diligence means that you work hard to be the best parent that you can. According to the article, What Qualities Make a Good Parent, becoming a good parent is a high calling that every parent should strive to achieve (2013). If one is not a good parent, they can always work at being a better parent. If they work at being a better parent, their child will notice those changes and in return not have a negative connotation of parenting.

With the good, there always come the bad. There are certain qualities that make an ineffective parent. According to the article, Four Traits Common to Bad Parents, there are so many pitfalls in parenting, and no parent wants to raise a brat, a beast, a shooter, or a Clinton, but some of us do in spite of that (2001). The four traits addressed about bad parents are: poor excuses, no consequences for their actions, expect everything given to them, and defensive/critical (McKinney, 2001). These traits shed some light on the pitfalls of parenting, but...

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