Qualities of a Dedicated Teacher

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Teachers have the power to inspire, through their attitudes, actions, and even through the lessons or activities they engage students in. Although all teachers possess this potential, only some stand out in our minds as truly great and dedicated teachers. There are many qualities of a great and dedicated teacher; however, there is one common quality which all great teachers possess—an unshakable passion for their work. In this paper I will use the terms ‘great’ and ‘dedicated’ interchangeable, because a great teacher is a dedicated teacher and a dedicated teacher will be a great teacher.

A great teacher should have the necessary command over the subject matter her or she teaches. This way he or she can be comfortable while explaining things. Teachers with a full understanding of subject matter are able to help students understand, by explaining concepts thoroughly and being able to answer all questions accurately. By displaying competence and interest in a variety of areas, us as teachers set a positive example for our students, and encourage them to explore new areas of knowledge. Although knowledge and skills are important, a teacher who is enthusiastic, compassionate, and patient will create a positive environment in which students feel comfortable learning. Great teachers truly believe that each of their students can succeed, and are dedicated to the achievement of this success.

One of the most important qualities of a dedicated teacher is to be a good communicator. He or she should be comfortable explaining things and enjoy doing it. A good sense of humor is another great tool that helps a teacher in even the most difficult classroom. Humor in the right form can play a huge role in a successful learning experience for students. A dedicated teacher must have good time management skills and always value the importance of time. A teacher should be dedicated towards his or her work; not just kill time in the classroom and wait for the bell to ring as many...
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