Qualities of Hr Manager

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Qualities of Hr manager

1.Active Listener

. Being a great manager means more than nodding your head when an employee comes to you with an issue. Employees want to know they have your full attention because they often expect an answer or proposed solution to their issue right then and there. Active listening requires the listener to understand, interpret, and evaluate what they hear. The ability to listen actively can improve personal relationships by reducing conflicts, strengthening cooperation, and fostering understanding.

It not only makes sense that you want and need to get more done by delegating, but it's important to the development of your HR team. Most of us do not enjoy being micro-managed because it gives us the feeling that we are not trusted or lack the necessary skills to do the job. Conversely, having important tasks delegated to the HR team makes team members feel valued and they get to learn where they need help and where they excel.

. Managers have to be leaders or the ship goes nowhere. The team needs to know what is expected, what the goals of the organization are and how their performance relates to achieving those goals. Simply telling people what to do is not leadership.

4 Motivator
Your HR team and employees should not only know what is expected they should be inspired to want to do their best. Because we are all different and have different goals and needs, a manager who motivates must be very involved with their team to know and understand what motivates each person and give it to them. 5. Approachable.

You are never too busy to be concerned for your employees. They are your constituents and a great HR manager can drop everything and truly have an "open door" for anyone that needs their time. Even if you are busy you can be approachable, but you have to walk the walk. 6. Trusted Adviser.

HR is often seen by the organizations employees as the police. Great HR managers rise above...
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