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Qualities of Good Teacher

By mebonita Feb 12, 2009 953 Words

Creative and Instructional teachers motivate their students to learn by using their personal qualities, positive experiences, and excellent communication skills. A teacher is an individual who plays the most vital role in the development of any being. The future of any students depends on the qualities and dedication of a teacher. It is the teacher who creates an interest in students to develop and progress and achieve what ever aims they set for themselves. A good teacher encourages the students to take risk and always has a positive attitude. Good teachers understand that errors will be made but they try many different methods of teaching that encourage students and create in them a sense of accomplishment. Good teachers also possess a deep knowledge of the subjects they teach and are able to manipulate. These teachers should have passion for the subject and they should be able to explain complicated and confusing information in a way that makes it understandable for the students and teacher have a sense of humor and these are able to use as part of the teaching method. One important quality for a good teacher is to simply love teaching. We must love what we are doing, in the first place we are here as a second parent to them, as we are here to educate them.

Significance of the Study

The importance of this study is to conduct a survey to the learners in order to measure their knowledge and in order to know if the learners know how to evaluate their teachers. It is also important to conduct a survey in order to know the different qualities of a good teacher. Teachers need to do their task as a role model having good attitudes like patient, honest, understanding, and most of all act as a second mother of the learners.

We are able to complete the following task by:

1. To identify the qualities of a good teacher.
2. To adopt the work of a teacher.
3. To use the different techniques of a good teacher.

Statement of the Problem

The following statement is a question that helps in clarifying the purpose of this survey of the qualities of a good teacher.

1. Is the teacher shows good attitudes to her learners?
2. Is the survey effective to the learners?

The following answer of the given question will be found in the Presentation of the Data.

Review of Related Literature

There are many qualities that one should possess to be a good teacher. These qualities are knowledge of subject matter, enthusiasm, and organizational skills. A good teacher must have knowledge of his subject matter. For instance, [pic]teachers are charged with the responsibility of providing students with specific content knowledge. A good teacher will know how to explain the content that he is teaching. In addition, a good teacher must be open- minded to anything a student might suggest or say. Good teachers always try to give confidence to his or her learners and encourage them. They are seldom to give extra activities though they are too busy to make or to prepare lesson plans, grading papers, and trying to instruct their students and if nothing else counseling their students in the areas that have nothing to do with the courses just to give them a certain knowledge for a certain subject areas. And lastly, the greatest gift that a teacher can give to the young ones is that they are the one who take the lead the brighten of a child’s future.

Presentation of Data

Teacher should show good attitudes of his learners because she is the role model of the young ones. Teacher should be able to set a good example for kids who didn’t teach about good manners at home especially a good teacher should know how to discipline when it is necessary but also have fun when time allows for it.

The survey is very effective to the learners it is because it can evaluate teachers in order to the qualities that the teacher usually show in the classroom if she deals with a best performance or not.


As a result during our survey, we can say that the teacher shows good attitudes to her students and also she shows that she an enthusiasm in her job being a good teacher. The survey is very effective to the learners so that they know how to evaluate their teacher and as well it is very important that the teacher is aware of what she is doing and she know if she is really a good teacher and if she does her job well.


We conclude that the teacher profession is not an easy job or an easy task because there are lots of qualities that necessary shown especially those teachers who are handle young ones. Teachers have a great deal of patience and know that little steps in learning go a long way. It is necessary that a teacher know his student well so that they are comfortable and ease with them. She must be a very easy going person so that her students get familiar with him and enjoy his presence with heart not with fear.


The following statements are suggestion on becoming a good teacher:

• are good at explaining things.
• keep their cool.
• have a sense of humor.
• like people, especially students in the age range in which they intend to teach. • are inherently fair-minded.
• have "common sense."
• have a command of the content they teach.
• set high expectations for their student and hold the students to those expectations. • can lead or follow, as the situation demands.
• don't take things for granted.

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