Qualities Desired in a Leader

Topics: Management, Leadership, Charismatic authority Pages: 2 (766 words) Published: October 6, 2010
Seven Qualities Most Desired in a Leader
The seven qualities that I most look for and admire in a leader are caring, dependable, determined, honest, loyal, competent and straight forward. I think that having the ability to care is an essential quality in a leader. If a person does not have the compassion or ability to care for others or in what they do then I believe it would be detrimental to an organization to have this person as a leader. A good leader must also be dependable. Being dependable would instill confidence in the others you lead about your abilities. If a leader sets the example of not being dependable, such as being late all the time or not following through with addressing and fixing problems, then the people the leader works with will have no faith that the organization is being run in the best way possible. It would also lead some others to believe that they do not have to be dependable in their positions since management is supposed to set the example.

Determination is a key factor in leading others. Determination gives a person the ability to fight through obstacles and accomplish tasks that are best for the organization and its employees. Honesty is one characteristic I think is the most important. Honesty distinguishes between leaders with good ethics and bad ethics. If a person is lacking honesty, the direction of their leadership can blindly take an organization into a dangerous cause and values. Loyalty is also important in a leader because a person that has no loyalty can harm an organization more than it can help. The leader’s agenda may be for their own benefit and not what is best for the organization. A non-loyal leader could literally trade secrets that could financially or publicly destroy a company.

A leader must be competent in their abilities. A person with good intentions that is incompetent can cost many jobs, discord among staff and board members, and may be bad for the company. In some instances incompetency can even...
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