Qualitative Critique

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Qualitative Critique
Christi Garrick
NUR 518
March 3, 2013
Veta Massey

Qualitative Critique
Nurses have provided end of life care to dying patients for centuries. The impact of death on families has been well documented, but there is very little information regarding the impact of death on nurses (Gerow et. al. 2010). Gerow et. al. (2010) conducted a study to describe the lived experiences of nurses dealing with the death of patients. The research question or purpose of the study involves the concept of the nurses experiences related to the death of patients.

The study followed a qualitative phenomenological design directed toward discovering the meaning surrounding a specific concept, such as the experiences of nurses related to death of patients (Gerow et.al. 2010). Polit and Beck (2012) state phenomenological approach is useful when the phenomenon is poorly defined. Topics of phenomenology are fundamental to life experiences of humans such as topics of suffering, violence, and chronic pain (Polit & Beck, 2012). Therefore, phenomenological design is appropriate for the study of impact of death of patients on nurses.

Purposive sampling was the method used to obtain participants for the study. Polit and Beck (2012) define purposive sampling as selecting cases that will most benefit the study. Nurses who had experienced the death of a patient were eligible to participate regardless of specialty. Eleven Caucasian female nurses were recruited, ages 29-61, with three to 43 years of experience. The setting was chosen by the participant and the researchers went to them.

Data collection was consistent with a qualitative study. Semi-structured interview guides were used for consistency. According to Polit and Beck (2012) when researchers want to ensure certain topics are covered, topic guides are used as a part of the semi-structure interview process. The focus of the interviews was the perceptions, experiences, feelings, and actions of...

References: Gerow, L., Conejo, P., Alonzo, A., Davis, N., Rodgers, S., & Domain, E.W. (2010). Creating
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