qualifications or experience

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3. Qualifications should be given more importance than experience when recruiting staff. Agree or disagree?
Recruiting the correct individual for the correct job position is a key factor influencing the productivity of the organization and its success. There are many arguments about the importance of qualifications over experience for job candidates in deciding who to hire. In my point of view, experience is a greater priority than qualifications since the latter is only raw theoretical information without the knowledge of practical application. My opinion can be explained clearly by the following example: if a person, without any swimming experience, would surf the internet and learn many swimming techniques and guidelines would you expect him to jump in the water and swim like an Olympic swimmer? (Chaplin, 2013) Firstly, experienced Workers have know-how of the job. Experienced professionals have the knowledge of what has to be done. This is because they have encountered the usual situations that the job would expose them to, and they know how to deal with them. Furthermore, they are equipped with the necessary skills for the job: they have the technical knowledge to use the necessary technology and equipment. In addition, they also have enough work hours to have sufficient knowledge of the work place culture (Ogunjimi, 2014)

Secondly, For certain jobs it is essential for managing crises on day to day bases. In such a case, experience is critical. A highly experienced workforce would be better at handling new and pressing troubles. For instance, familiarity with solutions of meticulous scenarios would come naturally to skilled and experienced employees. Also workers that have prior experience would know how to strive under complex situations and would have the know-how to control the circumstances. (Ogunjimi, 2014)

Thirdly, Due to having an inexperienced workforce the organization would face many employee loyalty issues and as a result, a high labour...
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