Qualifications of Church Leadership

Topics: Leadership, New Testament, Christianity Pages: 3 (956 words) Published: February 23, 2007
Leadership is all about influence. Paul understood this unique reality of leadership and it is why he spent so much time training and building up leaders. It was important to Paul that anyone who would seek to lead the churches he started would have a solid foundation of true doctrine and true character. If leadership was all about influence then Paul wanted to make sure that those who were influencing others were of sound character and good doctrine. The church was a new thing that God was doing and with the power of the Holy Spirit it was growing extremely rapidly among the known world and Paul knew that eventually he would die and someone else would have to take the baton from him and run with it, it's with this frame of mind that Paul wrote letters to Timothy and Titus sharing with them some valuable leadership insight and giving them instructions on how to pick leaders in their various communities.

Everything about the Early Church was new and that was probably both refreshing and frustrating to Paul. Imagine being one of Paul's new converts, passionately in love with Christ but having no idea what that means. Even today for those encountering Christ for the first time, there is two thousand years of history and tradition for new Christ followers to refer to but not even Paul had that much luxury! For many believers in the Early Church there was nothing to fall back on, no church structure, no programs, no classes, the only thing that new believers had as a reference was their old traditions and the culture that they were trying so hard to leave behind. The Early Church was heavily influenced by the culture around it. Most of these churches were in hellenized areas and were easily swayed by people or thoughts that were rooted in that lifestyle. A great example is that of Apollos who had such an amazing ability to speak that Greek believers were just enamored. To the point of fighting over whom their leader was, Apollos or Paul. This love of...
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