qualification or performance?

Topics: High school, Narendra Modi, Gujarat Pages: 1 (519 words) Published: October 25, 2014

“There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.”
Last night I sat in my room and wondered, what does it take to be successful, so, I made lists of all the required qualities and then, I made one more, for all that's needed to have an excellent academic performance and guess what?! They were just the same, hard work, consistency, determination, focus. so, isn’t it obvious that our qualifications are an indicator of our potential success?! But then, some you may disagree. I can understand. Success means different things to different people well, I can assure you, regardless of how you define success, having excellent qualifications is the primary and major step you need to take in order to succeed. now, you must be wondering “how can she say this? Hasn’t she heard of Mr.bill gates or Mr. Narendra Modi, a tea peddler who went on to become our Pm, they didn’t have a formal education”well, firstly, There may be a few people like Bill Gates and others who have made it, in spite of their drop-out background and lack of academic qualifications, but can this be generalized? Let me ask you, will you ask your child to leave schooling because if Bill Gates can do it, so can they? A few exceptions cannot be taken as a general rule.as a matter of fact, 73.4% of highschool dropouts suffered depression and some of them even turned suicidal. Reason? They couldn’t make it big in life, couldn’t get jobs due to lack of qualification. And in case any of you are still thinking about dropping out and becoming a billionare, let me tell you, High school graduates on an average earn 8580 rs. more per week than high school dropouts. And as far as Mr. Modi is concerened, if you think he lacks qualification and just took this giant leap from selling tea to solving national crisis.WAKE UP! He got his Masters degree From Gujarat University in 1983.of’course, the media wouldn’t tell you that, the tea peddler story sells more, right?  

Academic qualifications may not be enough on their...
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