Quadratic Functions

Topics: Quadratic equation, Square root, Real number Pages: 2 (636 words) Published: May 14, 2012
When you are graphing quadratics, it is the same as graphing linear equations but, quadratics have the curvy line, called a parabola. When you are graphing your points, it is best to graph three or more points. You are really going to need to point three or more points, because if there are less than three you will not have a correct graph, graphing more than three will insure that your graph will be correct. The biggest number that they say you have to graph will most likely not be able to be graphed because most of the graphs will not be big enough to graph that point. If you happen to somehow forget that the line has to be curved, having those extra points graphed will help remind you that the line will be curved. If you’re a value is positive, then the parabola will be a smile shape. If you’re a value is a negative, your parabola will be a sad face shape. In any and all functions, you have a trajectory, you start at a given spot and throw an object and measure the height and distance and out it on to a graph, the most common set up for a function like this is(ax^2+bx+c=0). Quadratic equation is a squared plus b squared = c squared. It's used to find the length of three sides of a triangle. The theory is the same as any other polynomial, and the Greeks found out that, this formula holds true, regardless of the different types or lengths of the sides. So, by using the same method you use to solve a typical polynomial, you can solve this equation as well. For the formula to actually work you must have your equation in this form, quadratic=0. The 2a in the bottom of the equation, is a 2a NOT just a 2. You also have to make sure that you do not drop the square root or the plus or minus in the middle of figuring out your problem. And the b^2 means b (b) not b (2). Do not try to take any shortcuts or slide by because your answer to the problem will be WRONG unless you take the problem and solve it step by step. The more mistakes, the more you will be wrong and you...
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