QSO 690 1 4 Homework

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Shipper Manufacturing Company

General Guidelines


This case is located in the PDF attached to the Learning Modules page. Read the case carefully, at least twice.

This is the cover page of your case report. Word-process your case report within this template. Do not change the header or footer. They contain course number, term, name of case and page number, which are all required.

Use 12-point regular Times Roman font and 1.5-line spacing.

Use Equation Editor (Insert/ Object/ Microsoft Equation) to word-process formulas, if required for the case.

Use Excel for graphs and Drawing Tool in Word for diagrams, if required for the case.

Do minimal rounding at intermediate steps (use at least four significant digits). Round off the final answers appropriately.

Create a single Word document by pasting all your Excel work into this Word document.

Answer the questions given below in preparing your report for the case. Do not use the questions given at the end of the case.

Your comments must relate directly to the case. General comments are not expected.
Analysis of the Case

What necessitated the change in business strategy for the APD of Shipper Manufacturing Company? What changes is APD making to the business strategy? (200–400 words)


What changes in manufacturing objectives does APD need to make in order to implement the new business strategy? Write in terms of cost, quality, flexibility and delivery objectives. Write in the context of the case. General comments are not expected. (200–400 words)

Cost Objectives:

Quality Objectives:

Flexibility Objectives:

Delivery Objectives:

What strategic manufacturing decisions and actions does APD need to make in order to achieve the manufacturing goals and objectives determined at the previous step? Write in terms of decisions and actions needed in the areas of Process, Quality, Capacity, and...
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