QRT2 Task 1

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Business Proposal for online expansion – Food Corps
Jermaine Ross
Western Governors University

Business Proposal for online expansion – Food Corps
In a small town in North Carolina, the United States Marine Corps combat force is training for an upcoming combat mission to Iraq. With the Marine Corps standard of not allowing service members to shop outside of the military base while in uniform, several service members are faced with a dilemma. The options of finding a nutritious meal are limited to local takeout or the not so nutritious military meals ready to eat (Survival Acres, 2014). As a solution to the problem, a young Marine Sergeant pulls out the business flyer he received in the mail from a local business. The flyer provided a solution to many of the Marine’s meal problems. The business was offering to pick up meals from any local dining establishment while only charging a small fee that was close to what a tip would be at many of those establishments. The service member placed the call, Food Corps arrived within the hour delivering over twenty meals and the rest was history. Developed in 2008, Food Corps has proudly served the needs of America’s heroes in their time of need. Food Corps helps feed the United States Military and emergency response personnel by helping the hero find the food they want and delivering it to them when they need it most. Food Corps has partnered with restaurant establishments in the vicinity of emergency response personnel to ensure the prompt delivery of essential nutrients. Food Corps was founded by heroes with the protection of today’s heroes in mind. Food Corps partners with a variety of local restaurants and enables customers to place orders/view menus via the Food Corps website. The company charges a small service charge that is usually around what the average tip would be and also charges an additional $15 flat rate delivery fee. Market Demand

While proudly serving in the military, the founder of Food Corps observed a recurring problem. Due to strenuous training and heightened operations, the time needed to grab a nutritious meal just wasn’t there. At the time of conception, food delivery was just limited to pizza and less than desirable takeout options. Food Corps provides its customers with meals fit for today’s hero. Upon Jermaine Ross’s departure of the United States Military, his goal was to be an entrepreneur while still serving his country in some capacity. With his intense knowledge of operational execution and the initial business idea of the Food Corps delivery service, Mr. Ross wanted to determine the actual demand for a carryout pickup and delivery service. In an effort to determine the market demand, Mr. Ross utilized two separate approaches before starting up his business. The first action conducted was the development of a survey. The purpose of the survey was to determine the type of food establishments that military personnel frequented. Name

Branch of Service
1) What is your favorite restaurant?
2) How often do you frequent your favorite food establishment in one month? 3) Would a service that delivered your favorite food to you be of use to you? Chart 1 - Sample of Survey

The survey was distributed outside of shopping establishments that military personnel frequented. As an incentive for filling out the survey, Mr. Ross coordinated with the popular military establishments and was able to contain coupons for those establishments. Research has shown that the use of coupons has several advantages to both the consumer and the business. The establishments have an opportunity to get repeat business while the consumer is saving money. When personnel agreed to fill out the five question survey, they would receive a 10% percent off coupon in exchange. Over the course of two weekends, 250 surveys were completed. The survey results identified what establishments that Food Corps...

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