qnt/351 week 4

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L-3 HR Department Betters Their Workforce
September 12, 2014
Instructor: David FrancomIntroduction
L-3 communications is a great company to be involved in. As challenges arise, the HR department goes to work with statistical decision making in order to make the best decision possible. This paper is a reflection of how steps in the decisions making process are being used by L-3, and can be used by any company to come up with the right conclusions to help solve problems. L-3 is a leader in their industry because of the steps the HR department takes to solve problems. Analysis

Step one- Testing a research hypothesis.
L-3 has been experiencing a high turnover of engineers. The hypothesis is a combination of little or no design work coming in, and lower than average pay have led to poor morale and a high turnover in the engineering group. The step L-3’s HR department is currently using to test this hypothesis is first, identifying the pain points or issues. Second, they created a tool in the form of a survey. The next step was organizing the data and then analyzing the data collected. Another thing to consider when examining the high turnover rate would be job security. If the engineers felt that their jobs were secure, and the risk of being laid off was low, would this reduce the turnover rate? Step 2- Comparing the means of two or more groups

HR has gathered data from two groups of engineers, Design Engineers and Manufacturing Engineers. The same survey was used from both groups and the same numbers of employees were surveyed. The numbers from the survey were added and then divided by the number of data points to identify the mean of both data sets. Now the average range for both groups is known and can be compared. After comparing the mean of the two groups you can then compare similarities in the answers. The answers should give you a good idea of the root cause, and possible solutions to the problems. Step 3- Calculating the correlation...
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