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Instrument Data Collection
Surveys are the instrument of choice when collecting data. At BIMS, they provide all their employees with a survey within their checks. The company has created several questions for the employees to rank on a scale level with one being needs major changes and five being great. The questions will also contain general information about the person taking the survey such as length of employment and gender. A survey is not required for an employee to complete, but it will the company an overall idea on how their employees feel about their work environment. If an employee choices to do a survey but not complete or answer all the questions, then this is still accepted because this will provide an answer to certain areas of the company and what needs improvement. Levels of Measurements

Ordinal measurement is when the data consist of numerical scores that can combined with other natural numbers. Ballard Integrated Managed Service Inc. considers ordinal levels of the data to be combined with similar values. This shows the different relationship levels of orders with the variable numbers. Interval levels were measured with the survey that the employees took because provided the length of time the employee has worked for the company. Categories are measured by orders that identify the differences between the intermissions on a scale level from low to high.

University of Phoenix. (2011). Week Two supplement: Ballard Integrated Managed Services, Inc. Part 1. Retrieved from: University of Phoenix quantitative Analysis for Business website
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