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Topics: Quality management, Management, ISO 9000, Quality management system, Six Sigma, Quality control / Pages: 19 (4711 words) / Published: Jun 20th, 2013
Applicable documents as amended
Group quality documents at www.vwgroupsupply.com: Latest information on requests for defective parts from the field for the brand VW PKW Formula Q-capability Formula Q-capability software Formula Q-new parts integral Form TF/Parts dispatch control Manual for original parts suppliers Group basis requirements software Group guideline product audit wiring harnesses Group packaging guidelines (sets and vehicle) Supplier manual for prototypes Q-certificate for pre-series production phase QS-guidelines logistics and CKD Framework agreement design management Managing costs for field and 0km complaints caused by suppliers Quality capability target agreement
Group standards directory at www.vwgroupsupply.com (FE online standards): High-strength connection elements, screws and bolts (VW 60250) Machine capability testing for measurable characteristics (VW 1030) Process capability testing for measurable characteristics (VW 10131) Accuracy – Measuring accuracy in testing processes (VW 10119) Overall requirements for providing service as part of the development of components (VW 99000)

VDA Books and automotive standards on www.vda-qmc.de: VDA Books "Quality Management in the Motor Industry" [Qualitätsmanagement in der Automobilindustrie] as well as "The Common Quality Management in the Supply Chain" [Das gemeinsame Qualitätsmanagement in der Lieferkette] (German Motor Industry Association (VDA) Series) ISO/TS 16949, alternatively VDA 6.1

Group environmental and social sustainability documents at www.vwgroupsupply.com
These are also supplemented by the technical delivery specifications and VW standards for each product, for example the minimum durability of components and statutory regulations, requirements, etc.

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