Qmb- Probability

Topics: Number, Mathematics, Scatter plot Pages: 1 (339 words) Published: December 27, 2012
Tab 1----All graphs, including the histogram should have an appropriate title and the x and y axis should be labeled. Bin and frequency does not give any information as to what is being represented by the numerical data in the histogram (hint: Electricity cost (in $) and one-bedroom apartments). As Professor Ellis stated in the lectures, graphs should be able to stand alone. “A Graph should sing its song!” Bin ranges are correct. However, the largest percentage does not lie between 139, 179. Both are upper boundaries. Following this logic would mean that there are a total of 31 data values as being the largest percentage, which your graph does not support. In determining between what two amounts does the largest percentage of observation lie? You should identify the tallest bar or view the bin-frequency table. That location will be one of the two numbers. Where would that range start (range cannot start at an upper boundary)? That is the other number you are to identify; will be the number starting the next range. So, if 139 is an upper boundary; where would the next range start if it ends at 159? Tab 2---All answers including 2a, b, c, d must include thorough interpretation (in your own words); not sufficient to just arrive at answers. In other words, in your own words, thoroughly explain what your results represent. I highly recommend reviewing the third video in Week 1 for homework expectations. You have to assume, I am a non-quantitative person not familiar with Stat and have no idea of the questions. The only areas I see when reviewing your workbook are responses, mathematical evidence and interpretation, which must be thorough so sound managerial decision can be made from your results, which should not have to require any additional information. Tab 3---There is a strong positive relationship between what? x and y axis should be labeled on the scatter plot. 3b--Correlation coefficient .42? Correlation coefficient of what? Please make corrections and...
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