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Topics: Money, Hospital, Debt Pages: 2 (406 words) Published: April 16, 2015
W. Belcher
QM 3345 – Operation Management
Critical Thinking Assignment – Evaluation and Deduction

John Tozzi, a reporter for New York magazine wrote a clearly paper about the reason hospitals want their patients pay bills up front. The topic is well stated with fully of experiences and evidences. Hospitals are asking for payments from patients before they leave the facility so they don’t end up with unpaid bills. They offer patients by paying about 30 percent or 50 percent of their bills and some regarding attractive discounts of paying early. Recent years, insurance companies have raised the deductibles, which means shifting the risk more on individuals. As reported, only 14 percent of people understand what they have in current insurance plan they chose. The policies went more complicated and complicated. “Today’s high deductibles are tomorrow’s bad debt”, that’s a really meaningful words from MCO, the credit-rating firm. The writer also expressed about some cases that families couldn’t deal with financial. They are not ready for an emergency in a random time, such as $300 to $400 for antibiotics to treat an ear infection. Springhill Medical Center in Mobile, Alabama always tried to reach the customer about a week before procedures start. What they did is estimating the total fee they about to pay and discuss for the best solutions. For those who can’t pay immediately, the hospital works with lenders to arrange no-interest payment plans of as long as two years. Staff members also check whether patients are eligible for charity care from the hospital or if they qualify for Medicaid. One of the reason the hospitals want customers to pa up front is to avoid the reputations that accompanies aggressive debt collection practicees. Seven years ago, a employer in Omaha area offered a plan with $5,000 deductible and it turned out worst. The hospital tries to get some payment in advance, but it doesn’t turn away those who can’t pay. Tozzi did a great job...
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