QI Plan Part 4

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Quality Improvement Presentation
Lori Stemen
HCS/588 Measuring Performance Standards
September 22, 2014
Professor Jacqueline Summerville
Executive Summary
A Quality Improvement Plan is the foundation for quality care for the Bon Secours Health System. It is essential for the QI agenda be outlined to reflect how QI will advance quality care for Bon Secours. Innovation in quality care processes needs to be reflected in all areas of the spectrum. It is important to recognize that all stakeholders involved with the organization have diverse viewpoints of how quality care should be delivered and how those improvements should be developed. Patients and those who provide direct care have the strongest voice in ways to improve quality care. Administrators of the organization need to be well versed in quality care measures and the process of implementation. There are well defined areas that need to be regularly monitored within the organization to review impact, practice feasibility and monitor for areas that are identified as priority areas. Bon Secours in 2004 participated and joined hospitals across the nation to participate in the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid (CMS) Hospital Quality Incentive program. This pay-for-performance program is a joint effort of CMS and Premier, Inc., a not-for-profit US healthcare alliance of hospitals and health care systems ("Bon secours health," 2005). Bon Secours has structure for a QI system which has phases to the process which include; planning, implementing, reviewing and improving. Quality Improvement Plan

In the United States healthcare organizations are being held accountable for providing the patients and other stakeholders with quality healthcare. Healthcare organizations need to meet the demands of regulations and the patient’s expectations for quality care. Bon Secours must have strategies in place that measure quality and performance. We will address Bon Secours quality improvement and performance...

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