Topics: Discrimination, Policy, Evaluation Pages: 1 (596 words) Published: January 9, 2015
Unit 3: Champion Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.

As a manager of social care workers part of my role is to teach, monitor and review the progress of staff individually and as a whole. I can then match this to the quality assurance of the service and target any weak areas. I like to promote a positive culture around training from the outset of someone’s employment with us. I use the Care Council for Wales Code of Practice as a firm and trusted tool for the management of mine and others practice. The Codes are intended to reflect existing good practice and as managers we have a duty to ensure staff recognise the significance of the codes and demonstrate that understanding in their practice and aspire to them. I assist the manager to implement policies and procedures that enable our staff to meet the Care Council for Wales’ code of Practice as section two of the employer’s code of conduct states. All staff at all levels are valued as individuals and all roles respected. Such policies can include equal opportunities, risk assessment, substance abuse, record keeping, anti-discriminatory practice to name but a few. All new staff are given a copy of our organisational policy “Residents Charter” that gives clear protocols on how we combat issues such as ageism, racism, accepting diversity and partnership working. I provide induction, training and development opportunities to help the staff do their jobs effectively and prepare them for new and changing roles and responsibilities. I will always support someone who sought my assistance if they did not feel able or adequately prepared to carry out any aspects of their work. I always respect and accept that individuals have different learning and competency levels. I am committed to providing work based education and training including workplace assessments and practice learning. To be an effective manager I should supervise staff to support effective practice and good conduct and support them in addressing any...
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