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Qatar is an independent country which shares its borders with Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. Doha is the capital of Qatar, which was ruled by Bahrain in 1700’s and in the year 1971, Qatar got independence and appeared on the world map as an independent country. The reason of independence was peace in Gulf. The official language of Qatar is Arabic, but English is spoken widely. The economy of Qatar is strong and is growing, and the growth can be traced in these many years. Qatar is considered as the most dynamic country in the region, and its economy is considered as the fastest growing economy in the world. Qatar is also known as an active member of United Nations, and it provides great employment opportunities to the people of Qatar.

The growing attention towards Qatar is its natural resources present in the country. Those natural resources are attracting countries towards it. The country is rich with natural resources, and these natural resources have helped Qatar in growing and expanding. Qatar is well-known for its business and for the growth opportunities it provides to the industries. The government of Qatar is continuously making efforts in improving the economy and policies of economy. This helps the people existing in Qatar, and is also taking part in the growth of world’s economy. The economic conditions of Qatar are good as compared to other countries and this has attracted many other countries to invest in Qatar. The people of Qatar are living a great life, as their income is higher as compared to other countries.

The official name of Qatar is State of Qatar, which has a population of around 833285. The official language of Qatar is Arabic, but formerly everyone speaks English commonly in the country. The capital city of Qatar is Doha, and the currency of Qatar is Qatari Riyal. The purchasing power parity of Qatar is approximated as $85.35 billion and its GDP per capita is calculated as $103500. The state religion of Qatar is Islam, while there are people of different religions also existing in Qatar.

Qatar is a beautiful place and its weather and climatic conditions make Qatar more beautiful and attractive. It is located in the Persian Gulf on the map, and it shares its borders with UAE and Saudi Arabia. The country has deep historical roots, and the history shows that Qatar has been greatly influenced by the nomadic tribes and regional empires. Until the country got independence in 1971, Qatar was protected by United Kingdom and its government. The business and all the activities taking place in Qatar go according to the teachings of Islam.

Islam plays an important role in Qatar and for Qataris, who follow Islam in their life. the guidance of Islam is followed in the country, and all the activities are based on the teachings of Islam. The business and its activities are also influenced by Islam to a great extent, and the complete activities comply with teachings of Islam.

The culture of Qatar is quite similar to other Eastern countries where families are given special importance. In Qatar, the households usually tend to be multigenerational, and people prefer living in joint families. The culture of Qatar shows unity and this unity are followed in different aspects of life where personal and professional both are included. The warm weather of Qatar is amazing and it attracts people easily towards it. Most of the people in Qatar are immigrants, and only a quarter of the total population is Qatar born. There are different ethnic groups available in Qatar, and out of these ethnic groups around 10% are Iranian, 36% are Pakistanis and Indians, 40% are Arabs and the remaining belong to other groups.

Primarily Qatar is a Muslim state with a huge Muslim population, and Islam is considered as the basic pillar of the country. Qatar is an important part of the world, especially politically and religiously Qatar is considered as important. It is expected that in the coming years, Qatar will...

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