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HEAD OFFICE 393 St-Jacques Street Suite 920 Montreal, Quebec H2Y 1N9 T 514 849-1155 1 800 263-5390

MAILING ADDRESS 680 Sherbrooke Street West 18th floor Montreal, Quebec H3A 2S3 T 514 288-3256 1 800 363-4688

IMPORTANT – MESSAGE TO CPA, CGA UNIVERSITY RESOURCE PEOPLE Please note that as of January 1 2013, the Ordre will cease to register students who are either in the undergraduate diploma path or the equivalency of diploma path. Under the Ordre’s regulations, only candidates for the practice of the profession can be registered. A person may be admitted as a candidate for the practice of the profession under the following conditions: He or she successfully completed the program of studies leading to a recognized diploma, generally a bachelor of accounting from one of the 13 Quebec universities offering the CGA program; He or she holds a diploma recognized as equivalent by the board of directors, for example an undergraduate degree from another country or an undergraduate degree in another field, and has successfully completed all refresher courses indicated by the Ordre; He or she has completed the necessary documents and has paid the fees set by the Ordre. st



Once registered as a candidate for the practice of the profession, the person may be admitted to the Graduate Program in Professional Practice (PPP), a 15-credit micro-program. The last candidates will be admitted to the PPP in the fall of 2013. They will have completed a recognized undergraduate degree or its equivalent by the summer of 2013 at the latest and will have met the admission requirements of the university selected for the PPP. The PPP and exams in the CGA program must be successfully completed and passed by the June 2015 semester at the latest. Otherwise, the new CPA education program will apply. Transition measures do not affect the training period. However, a training period can only be recognized if it has been preauthorized by the Ordre with a confirmation letter...
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