Q2. Explain the Significance of Non- Verbal Communication.
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Nonverbal communication can be best defined as the procedure of communicating with a person or party without using any form of speech to grab an audience attention or to exploit a message. Non verbal communication is often used to make an expression of a thought or thoughts and make your message more appealing and interesting to whom you are speaking.
Sometimes we are in a situation where we stall while trying to express a message or thought in any form of communication to a person or party, then find ourselves with a poor response. Nonverbal messages can provide a crisper communication making our messages be exploited with intensity.
In a world where all we were able to sense was hearing, without eyesight, we sure enough wouldn’t be able to build any form of trust. We will lose most of the message transmitted between people; resulting to an incredible amount of confusion amongst peers, making conversation more difficult to interpret.
Also it’s not always about what we say, but how we say it, which as a result proves to be a success when transferring a message from one to the other, by making gestures, which play a big role in nonverbal communication. Without any movement or posture in communication it would be a dull conversation and would minimize all interest to what we are saying. Also, not all people may hear for some reason, and some people just simply find it more comfortable to read a message rather than to listen. Thus it is important to have the presence of nonverbal communication in expressing a thought.
There are 5 types of nonverbal communication
• Eye contact
• Gestures
• Movement
• Posture
• Written Communication
Eye contact: Eye contact is most effective in the goal to gain someone’s trust, since it is a form of letting someone know that we are focused on them, thus gives a person a sign to either respond to a message or not.
Gestures: Gestures are important in nonverbal communication since it allows us to interest the person we are

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