Q12 Sessions: Creating and Reviewing Hr Impact Plans

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Q12 Sessions: Creating and Reviewing HR Impact Plans

For last couple of weeks, the meeting rooms of Standard Chartered have been kept busy by various business & support units with their respective HR relationship managers. Units were busy in analyzing the last year’s impact and reviewing the progress and HR managers were facilitating the sessions. What went good, what went bad, what could be went better – all thoughts were around making Standard Chartered a better place to work.

Q12 is trademarked service of Gallup Org which includes Q12 Survey – a survey consisting 12 questions regarding employees’ satisfaction in work, an impact plan, a mid year review and a final year-end review. The whole process is facilitating by country HR of Standard Chartered of respective countries worldwide. The questions of Q12 are articulated in such a way so that it can be reasonably measured whether employees understand what is expected to them, whether they are being recognized for work, whether they are equipped with all tools necessary. Questions are also around work life balance, job involvement and many more such as best friends at work etc. This Q12 survey is being conducted through out all country of Standard Chartered over online once a year.

Afterwards, as soon as the survey is done, Gallup Org used to sort out the responses and using various statistical tools, prepare Q12 survey report consisting Q12 score. Every manager having direct line reporting of four or more is supposed to get a Q12 score. The business or unit heads are going to have score combining all responses of the employees in their respective unit. This score is very crucial in the sense that it has a direct linkage with certain weight of their annual performance which will be reviewed in performance management discussions. However, combining all score of various business and support units, a country score is being derived.

As soon as the scores are available, country HR organizes team wise...
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