Pyschoanalysis of the Sweet Hereafter

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Psychoanalysis of "The Sweet Hereafter"

"The Sweet Hereafter" portrays the grief stricken citizens of a remote Canadian town traumatized by a terrible accident, and the impact of an ambulance-chasing lawyer who is attempting to deal with the grief in his own life. The film also depicts the grieving subjects susceptibility to convert grief and guilt into both blame and monetary gain and the transformation this small community faces after such a devastating event. The motives of Mitchell Stephens, the lawyer trying to file a class-action lawsuit, and of the townspeople are questionable throughout the film. Some in the community feel that attempting to win money in a court case is unnecessary and in fact will tear the town farther apart. Nicole's parents are after the money, when others, such as Bear's parents want to make sure that this amount of pain and suffering does not come upon others in the near future. They are not after the money as much as the answers that a lawsuit will bring about how the accident was caused and allow them some closure. The film chronicles the histories of three fathers, and manages to relates and link their events and situations. First is Mitchell Stephens and his relationship with his drug-addict daughter. Second is Sam, and the secret affair he is having with his young daughter Nicole. He is somewhat of a narcissistic character because of his preoccupation with himself and pleasing himself, and his lack of empathy throughout the film for the others in the town. Third is Billy, who loves his two children so much that he follows behind the school bus every day waving at them. Billy is also having an affair with a married woman who owns the town's only motel. On the exterior the town is an average place with good people just living their lives. But, beneath all the small town simplicity is a web of lies and secrets, some which must be dealt with in the face of this tragedy. Mitchell Stephens is attempting to deal with...
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