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 Baldo - He was one of the main characters in the short story. He was Leon’s younger brother. Baldo was unperturbed man, and he was quiet. He was the narrator of the story.  Leon - He was the oldest brother of Baldo. He was the husband of Maria. Maria called him Noel.  Maria - She was a beautiful and lovely. Her forehead was on a level with his mouth, her nails were long, but they were not painted, and have a small dimple appeared momentarily high up on her right cheek. She was tall and very still. Her fragrance was like a morning when papayas are in bloom.  Labang – The bull of Leon and Baldo.

 Father – He was mildest – tempered, gentlest man. He was the father of Baldo and Leon.  Mother – He was the mother of Baldo and Leon.
 Aurelia – She was the sister of Baldo and Leon.
Summary / Synopsis:
Maria was a wife of Leon. She was lovely and beautiful. Her fragrant like a morning when papayas are in bloom. Leon was lived in far place of Nagrebcan. Leon brought Maria to Nagrebcan to introduce to his father. The couple enjoys talking while in traveled riding in the cart hitch to Labang. Baldo who is quiet and observing his brother and spouse. When they arrived home, Baldo went to the room of his father. The room is quiet and dark. His father was smoking while sat in the big armchair by the western window. And they talk about Maria. Afterwards the door opened, and Leon and Maria came in. Baldo looked to Maria and went out to watered Labang which his father told to him. Characterization:

Baldo is the narrator of the story because he is the one who relates us what happened to the story. Were Baldo is the younger brother of Leon. Baldo is a quiet person. It is very detectable that Baldo is observing his brother Leon and spouse how is Maria. When his father asks him “Was she afraid of Labang?” Baldo lied and says “No, Father, she was not afraid.” Even though Maria afraid. It means that Baldo like Maria as a wife of Leon but inside, he also admires...
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