Pwc Ddd

Topics: Video game, Addiction, Video game addiction Pages: 1 (351 words) Published: January 6, 2011
Date| Time | Venue | Group| Title| Remarks|
3/1/2011 (Week 11)| 8.00 am| Class| Pourya Dashtegoli| Computer Gaming Effects On Human Body| | | 8.15 am| Class| Gan Chee Yong| Internet Services Provider Used by student of MMU| | | 8.30 am| Class| Koo Chee Leong| Food Choice in MMU| | | 8.45 am| Class| Syuhaida Ahmad Ariffin| Effects of Gaming| | 7/1/2011| 4.00 pm| Class| Ong Jit Jun| How Facebook Influences MMU students| | | 4.15 pm| Class| Jason Kuen Wen Yong| The New Policy enforced in MMU| | | 4.30 pm| Class| Ruzibuka Priscilla| No subjects offered in the short semester. How does it affect students in MMU?| | | 4.45 pm| Class| Kenny Yong Kai Sang| MMU students' lifestyle| | | 5.00 pm| Class| Tan Chun Wei| The usage and service of Internet among MMU students| | | 5.15 pm| Class| Wong See Yuan| Effects of taking at least 7 subjects each long trimester in MMU| | | 5.30 pm| Class| Yap Nai Siong| Most preferable Mobile operator by MMU students| | | 5.45 pm| Class| Lee Jun Yeong| Smart phone and its effect on students| | | 6.00 pm| Class| Ng Wee Lian| Facilities in Cyberjaya| | 10/1/2011 (Week 12)| 8.00 am| Class| Lim We Siang| MMU students' viewpoint of the new policies in the University| | | 8.15 am| Class| Hum Xiao Wei| How the Internet addiction effect academic performance of MMU students| | | 8.30 am| Class| Munzir Nor Azmi| A report on Multilingual Study environment and how it effect students| | | 8.45 am| Class| Roozbeh Karimi| MMU wireless connection| | 14/1/2011| 5.00 pm| Class| Muhammad Azzat Kamaruddin| Video Game Addiction| | | 5.15 pm| Class| Nirosan| The efficiency of Facebook as a medium of information in MMU Cyberjaya| | | 5.30 pm| Class| Danial Akbari| How effective is the ban of the usage of plastic bags on certain days in saving...
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