Push vs Precious

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You Just Gotta Push”

“Everything is a gift of the universe” a powerful opening statement from the film Precious introduces the audience of a teenager who feels the opposite of this statement. On the contrary, the novel based on the film titled Push by Sapphire starts off the novel with a negative notion, of Precious being left back at the age of twelve and being raped by her father, just from the opening sentence. Both the novel and film present the hardships and struggles in which Precious endures. There are various perspectives in regards of watching a film rather reading the book and vice versa; conversely it is said in general watching something the audience is doing and attaining half of its value and worth. Precious underlines the main idea and concepts of the novel, specifically the reasoning towards Precious attitude of life, feeling worthless.

Feeling loved is an aspect in which Precious struggles in both the film and novel. Precious always dreams and wishes of hopes in becoming a supermodel with a light skinned boyfriend, who truly loves her. Sapphire descriptively describes how Precious wishes to be, physically. “…in my inside world, I am so pretty, like an advertisement girl on commercial, ‘n someone ride up here in car, someone look like the son of that guy that got kilt when he was president…” (Sapphire, 35) this is one of the numerous ways of imaging herself. Just as in the film, Precious when at the worst of times or feeling hopeless she imagines herself as being on stage or famous with a light skinned male with her. Not only her physical appearance of being overweight was making her upset, but she also feels that being white is beautiful. In the novel she questions herself are all white girls beautiful and in the film a scene is shown where Precious is getting ready to attend her alternative school, while looking at the mirror she imagines herself as being a skinny white girl.

As the film and novel compare in various aspects they...
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