Push Strategy: High Pressure Tactics

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"Push" strategy, also known as high pressure tactics, the emphasis is on various aspects of distribution channels, personal selling, marketing activities, focused on staff promotions and trade promotions.

"Pull" strategy, also known as attractive strategy, generally through the use of intensive advertising, sales promotion and other activities, causing the consumer's desire to buy, to stimulate buying motives, thus increasing the pressure on brokers, prompting retailers to wholesalers, wholesalers purchase to the manufacturer, and ultimately to meet consumers' needs, to promote sales.

For newly established companies or shop like ours, the most realistic and most effective practice is not "push" strategy, or "Pull" strategy, is both push and pull.

Our Taobao promotion is divided into:
Taobao inside station promotion
Taobao outside station promotion

Taobao inside station promotion include self-promotion, this is push, and Train Taobao, Taobao their own tools, This is a pull.

Taobao outside station promotion Forum, Blog, Local sites, Baidu, Google, Or find a third party to promote the software. This is the pull.

Taobao inside station promotion
Before inside Stations promotion is self-promotion, when his shop designed to promote the image, then we can go Taobao train.

1 shop decoration
Whether the store or shop, a facade is very important, I believe you should be fully understood in real life! To the customer to create a comfortable shopping environment, they are willing to stay here in my shop will be my success trading opportunities on the big points. Fitting best to achieve uniform color harmony, and in tune with their own products, outstanding personality.

2 set baby name by heart
In the case of non-compliance, including more than a hot commodity-related keywords, which can increase the chance of goods being searched, thus increasing the chance of goods being bought.

3 window recommended
rational use of window recommended, because the windows recommended products buyers to search more easily, and several times more likely to major out! Must recommend the shelves of the baby soon, the new must be frequently changed, the best and beautiful, there are cheap goods. Such buyers will be interested to my shop stroll.

4Professional knowledge
What is Professional knowledge? Is their understanding of the product, many customers ask questions about the product we have mastered it! We will not get caught off guard by the customer asked, or answer any of them? If we do not yet know their products are, people will buy it? Dares to buy it? So we have to consult the customer when the people feel we are very professional, very worthy of his trust!

5, Ali Want settings
Want to set an automatic reply, we do not directly say, "shopkeeper is not, please leave a message" and it is not publicity. We will introduce some of their new features added to our baby or baby, to attract customers to the store to visit. Want state can also be set to rolling, so the time to chat with others, potentially also promote my shop the.

6, after-sales
Our after-sales ratio are important than any industry, if the sale can not allow the customer satisfaction, then we will lose a lot of customers of secondary consumption.

7 gifts promotion
We send goods to the buyer, while on his way to send flyers or business cards and small gifts to send in a small gift shop printed on their name, shop address, so as to enhance our online shop buyers the impression that .

Another part taobao train
1,Taobao train advertising steps
1) First we have to bid for the baby set the appropriate words and ad title, Introduction. 2) When the buyer to search anywhere Taobao auction we set the word, or click on the categories of our baby, our ads will appear, displaying the search results page in the top right and bottom. 3) If the buyer point of our train advertising, the system will set the bid in accordance with our terms of click prices...
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