Pursuit of Happiness

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Pursuit of happiness

1. Identify and explain the structure of the Gardener family in the video The structure of the Gardener family have separated and became a single parent family leaving the mother Linda out of the picture because she was not happy with what was going on at all, while the father Chris and the son Christopher live all by themselves struggling to pay rent and to keep food on the table. 2. Provide a profile of two family members

Chris Gardener
Description: Chris Gardener is a loving father and a hardworking man which never gives up no matter how hard it is or how bad the situation is, he would always put 100% effort into everything he does no matter how bad it drags him down he would always keep his head high. Role: Chris Gardener is a single parent looking after his only son Christopher while trying to raise him and trying find a job so he can get an internship so that way he can make money to support his son Christopher and also Chris is also being a good business man which plays a massive role in everyday lives. Needs: Chris needs food for himself and his son to keep them alive, somewhere to stay (shelter), a job so he can make money and pay for rent and food, internship. Chris also needed to sell all his bone density scanners to make money.

Christopher Gardener

Description: Christopher Gardener is an only child trying to live life with his father but missing his mother at the same time. He is living a hard life because his mother and left them, Christopher is very understand and is willing to do anything. Christopher looks up to his father Chris as a role model and he is trying to be the best son a father can have.

Role: Christopher follows his dad and listens to what is told, his role is to be a good son. Christopher does not know what’s going and he also goes through a lot just like his dad.

Needs: Christopher needs food, shelter, clothing and a loving father to support his needs.

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