Pursuing the American Dream

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Pursuing the American Dream
In A Raisin in the Sun, Walter spends his time pursuing a dream of owning a liquor store. He honestly believes in this dream and he believes his dream has come true when he thinks Willy is at the door. He embraces his wife and says, “Sometimes it is hard to let the future begin” (Hansberry 2.3.153). Willy soon realizes that his hopes are dashed when Bobo turns out to be the one at the door. He tries to hold on to his dream, and tries to explain Willy’s disappearance by saying, “He’s somewhere – he’s got to be somewhere. We just got to find him – me and you got to find him” (Hansberry 2.3.180). He tries to believe but it becomes harder and harder. His hopes are destroyed, and his dream of owning a liquor store and improving the life of his family has disappeared.

Ruth, also, has a dream; she dreams of having a better life for her family. She believes that her family doesn’t have to live in squalor, and she says, “Life don’t have to be like this. I mean sometimes people can do things so that things are better” (Hansberry 2.1.133). She believes if they work hard they can change things for the better. She really wants to improve her life, and she is willing to sacrifice. She wants to help Mama keep the house that Mama bought, and she promises, “I’ll work … I’ll work twenty hours a day in all the kitchens in Chicago” (Hansberry 3.1.74). Her new life is what she believes her family needs, and she will work hard to keep that life.

Additionally, Beneatha plans on making a difference. She wants to make a difference in life by becoming a doctor, but Walter thinks her dreams are too farfetched. Consequently, Beneatha sarcastically apologizes, “And forgive me for ever wanting to be anything at all” (Hansberry 1.1.123). Beneatha is determined and she stands up for her want to be a doctor. Beneatha gets back at her brother when he loses the money. She mocks him by saying, “Did you dream of yachts on Lake Michigan, Brother?” (Hansberry 3.1.60)...
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