Pursuing Information Technology and Mis Enhancements

Topics: Customer service, Customer relationship management, Marketing Pages: 1 (305 words) Published: August 5, 2013
Pursuing Information Technology and MIS enhancements is a great move for businesses. With information technology, you can share data more quickly and reach a broader spectrum of customers. It provides for a quicker response and breaks up the monotony of single phone calls. MIS, or Management Information System, helps businesses to manage more effectively. It binds together information using hardware, software, and

Beware if you choose to adopt this new technology, you must also take on the task of retraining your staff. And these things needs to be updated often which may call for more training, as well as, more time and money. Technology is not always 100%. Just like an employee that comes into work late, a computer can also break down. For a business that relies solely on technology, this could mean the business may have to shut down until the problem gets fixed. That, too, can be costly.

Customer relationship management is pretty awesome. With the right customer relationship management system, businesses can provide prompt customer support. This system also makes marketing and setting available appointments easier.

Working in an independently owned business called Ladies Workout Express, I was able to see the difference between a business with new technology and a business without. We upgraded to compete with the modern world in the middle of my employment there. I used to have to be the one to type out addresses every time we sent out letters and emails. With our new technology, we were able to not only update information from on system to the next, but we also were able to personalize each document. When our clients saw that they were addressed personally, the felt a sense of worth to the company. That made them want to keep coming back, while it made my job a whole lot easier.
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