Purpose of a Good Government

Topics: Government, Autocracy, Roman Empire Pages: 2 (715 words) Published: February 26, 2006
A purpose of a good government would be that it keeps all of its citizens in peace with one another and other places around it. It should also be fair to everyone it is covering. This should also have answers to all questions of the people and that the people have a say in where they live and how it is governed. The government should have trials to solve cases about crimes in the area that government rules. The president of the government should be elected with a fair vote and campaign. The government should have a set type of writing and set currency of they place they're governing.

An example from earlier governments such as hammerabi's code would be that there is punishment for crimes that you have committed and been trialed for. Also, that there are laws pertaining to all citizens and not just a certain part of the governed area. Must have a set written code and currency.

An example from the Athenian democracy would be that everyone got together no matter what social status to discuss the needs of the town or province they stayed in. Anyone could have his or her part in the discussion without having to worry about oppression. They met regularly so that anything new that has happened can get taken care of without trouble or worry. Money could be put to good use when discussed in these gatherings. Also, with armed forces could be talked about and sent to where everyone thought was needed. They let people who worshipped different religions worship in their homes.

Examples from the Roman Empire are that there is a leader who makes decisions. The leader is a dictator in this government. Decides whether to attack or stand down with the army. How money flows between people and other countries. How goods get traded from town to town and country to country. There is only one part of the government and it makes all decisions. That the leader is aware about everything that is going on around him at all times. Women didn't play a part in...
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