Purpose of My Education

Pages: 1 (452 words) Published: September 12, 2011
I come from an inland provice in China-----ShanXi. Although I was born into a military family, I am a very open-minded person, and very pleased to communicate with people. To begin with, I graduated from BeiJing Normal University at Zhuhai, studying in communication major and specificing at Advertising and Public Relation. Compared to traditional students who focus on academic study in China, I paid much attention on how to use commucation theory in daily life. During my college life, I participated in a variety of projects related to my major.The most important one was I started a business with my colleague who was a phychology major. We opened a billiard center at school. The reason why we started it was because our university lacked of amusements for students at that time, so the market was huge for opening entertainments business. After one year, we sold it Also, during the time when I studied in the university, I was not ignore to learn basic knowledge in my major. In my third year at my university, my professor guaided us to analysis some cases about supermaket’s promotion and advertisement of houses. Compared to Asia students, my advantage is I can have a good conversation with strangers instantly. In addition, I am not afraid to talk with some people who have highly social status. When I was a little girl, my grandfather said to me, “ every person living in this world has the same right, do not look down upon anyone who is not good as you now; do not afraid of people who has a highly status now because they may look down upon you.” I believe this can be used in dealing with Hotel Management works. Since a lot of customers in Hilton have a good social status, as long as using heart to understand what they really need, customers will respect us. Another reason why I apply for the Hotel Management department is I enjoy the work using heart to meet each custermer’s need. UH’s Hotel Management department bases on Hilton Hotel, which has a long history...
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