Purpose for Writing

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Just as the nature of and expectation for literacy has changed in the past century and a half, so has the nature of writing. Much of that change has been due to technological developments, from pen and paper, to typewriter, to word processor, to networked computer, to design software capable of composing words, images, and sounds. These developments not only expanded the types of texts that writers produce, they also expanded immediate access to a wider variety of readers. With full recognition that writing is an increasingly multifaceted activity, we as teacher must offer several principles that should guide effective teaching practice. In order to create good writings we must follow four basics of writing. 1 WRITING IS A LANGUAGE ACT: Effective writers need to understand that like talking, listening and reading. Writing is also a language act and therefore draws on similar semantic, syntactic, and graphophonic knowledge. * Teachers need to give students enough time for speaking in order to let their students think about coming up with ideas in order to star their writing. It is very common to use listening and talking before writing with the purpose of helping students focus on their future writing. * During writing, talking and listening can help students clarify and check for meaning and will often lead to revising and rewriting. * In this point we as teachers must provide students with opportunities to develop content knowledge for their writing. 2 WRITING IS WORTH LEARNING. Effective writers need to be confident writers. They need to understand that writing is life empowering and therefore worthy of learning. * Teachers must give the opportunity to write everyday is a supportive, risk- free environment. While there is must to teach in the writing classroom, teachers must also give time to providing opportunities to use and practice what students are...

References: (Writing Study Group of the NCTE Executive Committee, 2004)
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